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Welcome to Angel Heating & Cooling

At Angel Heating & Cooling, we have over 20+ years experience repairing and installing heating and cooling systems in the Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County areas. We understand that unexpected interruptions with your HVAC system can leave your family freezing in the dead of winter or sweltering in the middle of summer. That is why our highly trained and certified technicians are available 365 days per year with same day service available to get your home back to cool and comfortable!

Some of our specialties

    Air Conditioning & Cooling

    Your home’s air conditioning and climate control is a complex system designed to reach every corner of your home. When something goes wrong, it can leave one room hot, or another too cold, or the entire house unbearable. Finding a reliable Philadelphia air conditioning service company for your home’s cooling systems is right around the corner serving residents in nearby Bucks County, Montgomery County & Philadelphia.

    Ductless HVAC Systems

    Ductless mini split systems are taking the HVAC industry by storm. If you struggle with keeping your home warm in the winter or cool in the summer, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for. A Philadelphia ductless HVAC system company can help you balance all your heating and cooling needs, reducing the amount of warm or cool air you need to keep your home the perfect temperature while also reducing your utility bills.

    Heating Systems

    The two-stage or variable-speed blower for your furnace (up to 98% efficiency) means it doesn't run at an all-or-nothing rate, providing much higher efficiency in all our home furnaces. This intelligent system means improved comfort and lower energy bills for you. As a top Philadelphia heater service contractor, we know how important it is to keep your family warm during frigid Winter temperatures.


    Your home’s boiler is central to the comfort and enjoyment of your home. From heating in winter, to hot showers for achy muscles after a summer workout, it’s an essential component of your house’s many systems. They may last up to 12 years or more, but with technological improvements, greater efficiency, and money-saving models, if your boiler is nearing ten years old, it may be time for a replacement. If you are a property owner, know that you can trust a Philadelphia certified boiler service company like Angel.

    Heat Pumps

    Regular traditional heat pump systems work at 100% efficiency at 47 degrees. We carry innovative heat pump HVAC systems which provide 100% capacity at 5 degrees F and work down to -13 degrees F which saves you up to 300% energy efficiency on the coldest day.

    Ventilation & Ductwork

    If you’re spending a fortune on heating and cooling costs, it might be time to revamp your home’s ductwork or ventilation system. Ducts are the vents and pipes running throughout your home, bringing warm or cool air to every room in the house. But if your ducts need to be repaired, your home’s HVAC system will need to work overtime, as some of that warm or cool starts to slip through the cracks.

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