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Boiler Service Philadelphia

Your home’s boiler is central to the comfort and enjoyment of your home. From heating in winter, to hot showers for achy muscles after a summer workout, it’s an essential component of your house’s many systems. They may last up to 12 years or more, but with technological improvements, greater efficiency, and money-saving models, if your boiler is nearing ten years old, it may be time for a replacement.  If you are a property owner, know that you can trust a Philadelphia certified boiler service company like Angel Heating & Cooling.

Our HVAC company professionals at Angel HVAC know the importance of hot water in daily life — from washing dishes to clean laundry — and have the know-how to keep it flowing in your home. Rely on a team of trusted service technicians certified to repair or install a variety of systems for all of your hot water and heating needs.

Whether your system operates on electricity, propane, or natural gas, our service team is available seven days a week for all of your on-demand heating needs. In many instances, we can have your boiler repaired or replaced on the same day.

Something’s Not Right…

There are many indications that something may be wrong with your hot water heating system. Problems can begin slowly or come on suddenly. When you notice some of the common warning signs of malfunction, it may be time to call Angel HVAC to schedule a service call. Things to watch for include:

  • no heat or hot water
  • thermostat issues and irregular water temperature
  • boiler maintenance
  • a pilot light that keeps going out
  • kettling and other odd sounds coming from the unit

Some warning signs are more urgent than others are. When you notice something wrong with your hot water, do not wait for a bigger problem to develop. A trained service technician may be able to fix a small problem before it turns in to a major malfunction.

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Depend on a local Philadelphia boiler service company that people from all over Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and Bucks County trust for their home heating and hot water needs. Before your boiler fails and leaves you in a cold shower, schedule a service call and let the experts at Angel Heating & Cooling care for your home’s most important system.


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