Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

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Heat Pump Service Philadelphia

There are many ways to heat your home — from forced air systems to heat pumps. Most people are familiar with the typical forced hot air systems that heat air in a furnace and then blow it through ducts to the different parts of the house. However, the heat pump is less known and works like a closed loop system, but uses different principles. As a premier Philadelphia heat pump service company we understand what your home needs to get back up and running.

When the time comes for a new heating system for your house, rely on the professionals at Angel Heating & Cooling to give you a thorough explanation of the different heating systems. As a trusted Philadelphia HVAC repair company serving the Greater Philadelphia area, their sales staff is pleased to answer any heating questions for Montgomery and Bucks County homeowners.

Don’t try to figure out a new heating system on your own or from a flyer at a big-box store. Talk to an expert from the neighborhood that can evaluate your home’s needs.

Heat Pumps for Hot and Cold

A professional sales representative from Angel HVAC can explain the many benefits of a heat pump system that include:

  • lower heating and utility costs
  • higher efficiency technology that’s good for the environment
  • operating in conjunction with existing heating systems

With systems from the top manufacturers, our HVAC company can offer you a new heat system with the benefit of providing both heating and cooling functions. For older homes without air conditioning, replacing the heat system with one that includes cooling is an added benefit.

Heat pump systems function similar to central air in a closed loop system. However, they can direct airflow in two directions — moving warmer air in and out of your house’s many areas. Though not as effective during extreme cold, these systems have many benefits that a trained sales person from Angel HVAC can demonstrate for you.

Your Local Philadelphia Heat Pump Service Company serving Chalfont, Lansdale, Doylestown, Richboro, Huntingdon Valley and surrounding areas!

To understand and appreciate the many different types of heating systems, schedule an appointment with Angel Heating & Cooling. Our professionals are available seven days a week at both of our area locations to answer all your heat pump servicing questions.


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